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Hap Farley in the Tap Room ACCC

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Hap Farley in the Tap Room of the Atlantic City Country Club

Note from Frank and Arline Scotti

April 16, 2007

Dear Mr. Kelly

By now I am sure that you have received the information regarding the March 15 article in the Current edition about the 1940 photo of The Tap room at the AC Country Club.

My wife Arline Scotti grew up around the Farley's and their friends. She was 14 at the time and does remember some of the people in the photo that was in the Current.

1. She knows for sure that the lady #1 is Honey Farley. She always wore a hat.

2. She also is pretty sure that the man next to Mrs. Farley is Richard Jackson, former Mayor of Atlantic City.

3. She also is pretty sure that the Lady #3 next to last person at the bar is Mrs. Readon of Readon Laundry in Atlantic City.

4. My wife Arline also knew a Paul Kelly

Sorry for the delay but things do seem to get in the way.

Frank Scotti
Arline Scotti

(609) 823-2414