Monday, May 25, 2009

LBJ's Secret Golf Game


LBJ’s ‘secret’

President Johnson hoped to keep quiet – but the White House secret is out.

He’s been sneaking out to play golf.

For years his clubs were in the bag.

The President strives to win in whatever he undertakes and he’s noted as a poor loser.

Golf is not exactly his game. Furthermore, he’s leary of attracting the kind of criticism that Dwight D. Eisenhower got as President for his addition to golf.

For debateable reasons, Johnson decided to take up golf again, but behind a cloak of secrecy that usually covers events involving “national secrecy.” The reasons suggested included his waistline, Mrs. Johnson’s thought that he needs relaxation, and the desire to be closer to his sons-in-law, Capt. Charles Robb and Pat Nugent.

Some believe the secrecy is his 19th hold alibi. The President digs golf courses, according to observers, leaving behind more holes in the turf than he plays. Charitable experts say his 100-plus score is due to lack of practice.

Washington DC-NYC Examiner Vol. #18 Jan. 4-7 1968

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